Plan for the week ahead!

It's Sunday afternoon, our little girl is having her afternoon nap, my husband is entertaining our big's the perfect time to plan for the week ahead!

Here are my tips for planning ahead to make your working week run as smoothly and stress free as possible!

1. Meal plan for each day (and batch cook some meals if possible!).

2. Write a 'to do' list of small things that need to get done in the week and put it somewhere that you'll see it everyday - I keep mine on the fridge. This way I walk past it lots and if I have a spare minute here and there, then I'm easily reminded and I end up getting through it all instead of leaving it until the next weekend when I want to be enjoying family time instead!

3. Do a quick 5 minute de-clutter around the house. Invariably weekends help you to accumulate bits and bobs that you or the children have had out over the weekend or have brought back from outings or nature walks out in the snow!!

4. Get prepped for Monday morning! Choose your work outfit for tomorrow, get out the children's uniform or clothes for Nursery etc, make any packed lunches and check school bags are ready. I even get the children to choose their breakfast cereal for the morning and put it in bowls and leave in the larder cupboard ready for my eldest daughter to come down once she's dressed in the morning and add the milk. This gives me more time to get ready and by the time I'm downstairs the children are nearly finished with breakfast. It all saves so much time and stress in the morning and gives you that much needed extra time in case there is something you have forgotten or if something unexpected occurs!!

5. My last tip for this week is to do something for yourself that's going to help you to feel good for the rest of the week. For me this can be something simple like paint my nails, have an early night so I can have a relaxing bath and read a magazine or calling an old friend that I haven't spoken to for a while and have a good old catch up.

Remember even if you don't manage all of these things, doing some of them will be better than nothing and will reduce those stress levels that Monday mornings often bring!

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