Plan for the week ahead!

For most of us with children it's the last week before the Easter holidays. As well as planning for your normal week ahead with batch cooking, organising school uniform, packed lunches etc, give some thought to next weekend when it will be Easter Sunday!

Plan forthe week ahead facebook post.png

For me it'll be a double whammy, as it's my daughters' birthday and so I have a birthday party with her school friends to organise for Saturday, as well as a big family birthday party/Easter Sunday gathering the day after. As I hope you'd all realise by now though, it was all in hand a couple of months ago after Christmas and New Year were out of the way and I started making lists and collecting all sorts of items to make sure I had it organised in plenty of time.

Hopefully most of you have only got Easter Sunday to worry about though - maybe you're having family round for a meal, organising an Easter egg hunt for the children or just planning a relaxing day at home munching your way through all of the chocolate! However you plan to spend your time next weekend, think ahead now so that you can enjoy it. Maybe this weeks' 'to do' list to go on the fridge can forgo some of those housework tasks (because you did them all last week, right?!) and instead replace some of your normal weekly tasks with some more important ones (like buying lots of chocolate!!).