30 Days To Organise Your Life! Day 10 - Digital Clutter Stressing You Out?


Are you a digital hoarder? 


Does your inbox contain hundreds of messages, many of which have never and will never be opened??

digital clutter.jpg

Collecting the clutter

We spend so much time on our phones, tablets and computers that it's no wonder we end up collecting lots of digital clutter that often brings no value to our lives and leaves us feeling stressed about how much we have got to sort through.

Emails with newsletters for things we can't even remember signing up for, messages from businesses that provided us with a service 3 years ago and continue to send us information about products we have no interest in, and notifications from the many apps we have installed on our devices, letting us know what someone else has done or 'liked' when we really have no need to know about them.

Just like the physical clutter we can collect in our homes, the digital versions can leave our minds feeling cluttered and also contribute to the vast number of distractions that are stopping us from working or enjoying our lives away from our devices.


Here are my TOP TIPS for getting rid of your unwanted digital clutter....

email clutter.jpg

*Unsubscribe to unwanted emails - it may take a bit of time to go through and do this, but in the long run it will be well worth it!

*Remove unused apps on your phone or tablet

*Turn off phone notifications - for social media in particular. Delve into your settings for each platform and turn off notifications for anything that really is just a distraction and not something you really need to know about every minute of the day. 

*Remove some of your Internet bookmarks - be realistic, are you really going to read all of those articles you've saved? Maybe you saved some things so long ago that you just aren't interested about reading some of them now.

*Remove unused items from your desktop - sometimes we save documents or photos straight onto our desktops when we're in a rush or want something easily accessible instead of in a folder buried within other folders on our hard drive. However, once we've completed that task they could be removed or saved elsewhere if you think it might be needed again.

*Declutter your phone contacts - who have you not spoken to or been in contact with for many years and can't see yourself ever contacting again? Maybe you need to delete duplicate phone numbers, getting rid of the old numbers you had for people, but have since changed to a new number.


How do I stay on top of things moving forward?

*Create simply named folders

*File documents and photos straight away and somewhere easy to find

*Name every document and photo so they can be retrieved quickly

*Every new app or email list you sign up for, check the notification settings from the start and change accordingly

*Don't keep lots of copies of the same thing - keep one copy on your hard drive and upload anything else important to the cloud (Google drive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive etc)


Admittedly all of these things will take a little bit of time to set up initially, but once done and new systems are in place to keep on top of it all, you will reap the benefits of all of that extra time to do other things with your life!