30 Days to Organise Your Life! Day 13 - Rubbish Car?

Do you find that your car can often be a bit of a dumping ground for all sorts of rubbish?

Why is it that we accumulate so much unnecessary clutter in our cars?

Most of the time it's because there is no rubbish bin and we just pop the rubbish in handy cubby holes placed around the car. We then forget about it when we get to our location and jump out not giving a second thought to the rubbish we stuffed out of sight and out of mind!

How can you clear the car clutter?

*Keep a mini bin of some kind in the car. Every bit of rubbish goes into it and get in the habit of just taking it out with you when you get home. Empty it immediately and leave by your front door to put straight back in the car next time you go out.

*Don't use any of those handy cubby holes for your rubbish!!

*If you really don't have a space or don't want to keep a mini bin in the car then try to put the rubbish somewhere that will leave the car with you when you get out. For example in your handbag or in your pocket. 

*Don't forget to eliminate any unused or unwanted items that perhaps once had a use, but now just linger in the boot or under a seat not seeing the light of day!