30 Days To Organise Your Life! Day 14 - Photo Overload!

Are you constantly running out of space on your phone or tablet after taking so many photos?

photo overload.jpg

In our digital world, we take more photos than are perhaps necessary. Children, holidays, our home, our friends, places we visit and things we do are all important moments to capture.

photo of coffee.jpg

However, it can become a bit excessive when we are constantly taking a selfie, pictures of our meals, photos of how pretty our coffee was presented in the café, funny signs we see, other people doing something unusual etc etc, the list is endless.

I don't take a huge amount of photos on my phone, but I was constantly running out of storage to keep them all. I also found that when I looked back through my photos there were so many duplicates, ones I'd just never look at again after uploading onto Facebook or sharing with friends on WhatsApp. I also found it a bit sad that being stuck on my phone, I wouldn't see them very often and so would no one else. 


Organising your snaps

So, I decided to overhaul how I take, store and use my photos. I decided that every 6 months I would go through my photos on my phone and delete any that were of no real significance. I then went through what was left and decided which really special memories I would get printed off. I do a big order on sites such as Photobox where it is quick and easy to upload and order the photos I want straight from my phone or tablet.


When the photos arrive I place them all into time order and put them in an old school photo album (I ordered some really lovely albums from Amazon that hold lots and lots of photos!). I then take a small selection out and place them in the collage photo frames around our home. The old photos that come out of the frame go into the spaces I left for them in the photo albums from last time.

I then save all of the photos from the last 6 months from my phone onto a portable hard drive and they are also still stored within my Photobox album online. This means I can delete them from my phone and create a lot of extra storage.

This has been a really good tactic as not only has it freed up lots of storage space, but also means I have a physical album to look back on should the technology fail me at any time. We also have a 6 monthly change in the photos around our home.

Over time we may decide to go back to the start of our photo albums and put some much older photo memories back on the wall.


You may also want to consider the idea of having regular photobooks made.

They are quite reasonable these days and can be created when you have special events that end up having a lot of photos just for one day/weekend or week. We not only had a special one done for our wedding photos, but have since made ones for special events such as London 2012 Olympics, special birthdays and ones for the first year after our children were born.