30 Days To Organise Your Life! Day 16 - Ditch The Layers, Summer Is Here!

winter boots.jpg

Well, not quite! But this week the temperatures are set to rise significantly, so it's certainly going to feel a bit more like it!

As we leave the horrible winter weather behind for another year, it's a great time to have a giant sort out of all of your winter clothing.


Not only may some of your winter clothes have seen better days, but you need to be honest with yourself of what is still getting any use every time the cold weather comes around.

fur coats.jpg


*Scarves and wraps
*Hats of various types
*Ski jackets
*Children's puddle suits
*Body warmers
*Thick winter jumpers
*Ear muffs


How to deal with it

After removing everything from cupboards and drawers that might not see the light of day until November, check through each item one at a time and make 3 piles of keep, donate, bin.


Keep - if you've worn it this year and can see yourself wearing it again.

Donate - anything you haven't worn at all over the last year. You obviously either don't like it anymore or don't fit into it. Don't hold onto things in the hope that they may one day fit or fashions may come back around again!

Bin - I try to bin as little as possible, there's no need to bin anything unless it is damaged beyond repair or is ruined by stains. 

Anything you manage to put in the donate or bin pile is a win in terms of creating extra space or decluttering your bulging clothes storage areas!