30 Days To Organise Your Life! Day 18 - Handy Additional Storage Area or Dumping Ground?

I don't know what it is about garages, but every year ours gets a massive tidy up and every year it ends up looking as messy as before, just with different stuff!


It's one of those places that rarely gets used for what it was invented for - hands up who actually uses it to store their car?? Not us! It is generally used as an overflow storage area of everything linked to the garden and outdoor pursuits such as cycling, camping, kite flying and car related items (just not the car!!).

In all honesty, we have actually started to crack it when it comes to keeping the garage more tidy. Last year we discovered the delight of super strong wall hooks that can hold everything from spare children's car seats, the lawnmower and snow sledges to our bikes, scooters and all of our garden tools.

By getting everything up on hooks either on the wall or hanging down from the ceiling, we have created so much more floor space and we can actually go from front to back and side to side to find the things we need, rather than having to clamber over all sorts of stuff to try to wrestle out items that were stuck in the depths of a dark corner. 

Open storage shelves that go from floor to ceiling are also excellent for anything that can't be hung up or things that can't perhaps fit through a loft hatch if it's something you don't use very often like Christmas decorations.

gym in garage.jpg

The warmer weather is coming so perhaps it's time for you to have a garage clear out and tidy up so you can be ready for all of those outdoor activities you'll be wanting to do. Perhaps as well as creating a garage that has everything to hand easily, you might like to use your new found space to create that mini gym you've always wanted or a place away from the house for your children to practise with their very noisy drum set!