30 Days To Organise Your Life! Day 25 - Attention parents of girls! Hair styling management!!

If you are a parent to a girl (or two in my case!) then you'll know of the daily struggle to get hair done before the school run or more intricate styling for all of their social events at the weekends and in the holidays!


One of the issues that I hear parents complaining about is not only finding the time to get it done, but the time wasted looking for hair bands and accessories that seem to disappear into thin air on a regular basis. Although I've always had a hair accessory box to keep all of the girls hair bands etc, I still found I was wasting time rooting around the box for not only a hairband, but one of the correct colour to match outfits or school uniform and clips or bows to match the hairband!

So I decided that the organisation needed to be stepped up a gear! I bought a container that was separated into lots of smaller boxes and I grouped all of the hairbands and accessories by colour and by type. The result is as you can see in the photo! It means when I'm in a rush and looking for something specific then it takes no time at all to find what I'm looking for.


I keep the container in a drawer with the hairbrushes, and hair styling always occurs next to it so I've got everything to hand.


Another tip is to put clips that are a pair together by clipping one over the other, then you don't have to waste more time searching for one that is not with its partner!

Although the odd hair band does still go MIA, most of the time as soon as it's taken out at home then it can get put straight back where it belongs because there is somewhere very specific for it to go and even the girls can work out which section to put the band/clip/bow back into saving me a job!