30 Days To Organise Your Life! Day 26 - Jewellery Storage Hacks!


So in my blog yesterday I gave some ideas for girls hair accessories, so now it's your turn ladies! How do you store your jewellery and other accessories? Maybe you've got one of those jewellery organisers with various compartments to keep it all neatly stored away, or maybe you have an old school jewellery box where you just dump it all in and then never get anything out because it takes too long to untangle all of the jumbled up necklaces!

I used to have a mixture of the two! I had a jewellery box that had a lot of old necklaces tangled up together and with knots in that took an age to get out, as well as a mini set of drawers that had various items in but never got used as I forgot they were there!


I more recently realised that if I wanted to be able to wear the jewellery I had and for it to be no effort to choose and use what was available, then I had to change the way it was stored. I decided that the only way to make sure nothing got tangled up and that I remembered everything that I had to wear, was to display it all individually. 

Now that might seem like a lot of effort and unrealistic considering how much space it could take up. However, by finding a small cubby hole (I have part of my wardrobe organised by cubed storage areas) and lining that area with tiny hooks then I could display everything I wanted and it was all kept hidden away in my wardrobe when not in use. 


I found some tiny stick on hooks that I put all around my little cubby hole (you could use the back of the wardrobe door or other cupboard door or even the side of your bedside table if you don't mind things being more on display) and managed to hook all of my necklaces, bracelets and some other accessories onto them. I also had a wooden earring holder that sits in the corner of the area, fully displaying all of my earrings. 

I now am able to choose at a glace which jewellery to put on each day and there is no time wasted searching for what I'm looking for or untangling anything. You could also arrange your jewellery to be organised by colour or type, making it even quicker to find something to match your outfit. 

There's only one catch - you just need to do some untangling to start with to get organised! It will certainly test your patience, but think of the long term benefits of never having to do it again! Good luck!!