30 Days To Organise Your Life! Day 3 - Birthdays & Special Events

Throughout the month of April, My Lifestyle Assistant is going to provide you with your free step by step guide to less stress and feeling in control of your life. 

cool as a pineapple birthday.jpg

Are you as cool as this pineapple when it comes to organising everything for impending birthday parties and special events? 

For some, the stress of organising cards, presents and the logistics of fitting in all of these parties and special events each month is a bit of a nightmare! Often this is the kind of task that is left until the last minute and that in itself creates stress, as people often panic when buying cards and gifts at the last minute when they are limited on time to get things sorted. This can result in the buying of presents that have had little thought put into them and that the recipient may not appreciate anyway, therefore resulting in you wasting both your time and money!

The key to getting it right is pre-planning at the start of each month to make sure you can not only save time, but buy meaningful presents that will be appreciated. April is a really busy month for me as we have several family birthdays, as well as lots of friends' birthdays and anniversaries. However, it's all in hand thanks to my efforts in the last few days making sure I'm well prepared for all occasions.

At the start of each month, I go through my calendar and write a list of all the birthdays, anniversaries and any other special events coming up that will require cards and presents. I then have a think about what each person might like, sometimes seeing if I can find something personalised or more unique. I like websites like Etsy or MijMoj Design Ltd for quality gifts.

Once I have a list of people and present ideas then I go out and get them bought in one go. If you're really strapped for time then of course you can buy anything online these days, but if you have a list then a quick hour in town should enable you to buy everything you need as you won't be blindly wandering around wondering what to get. I also buy all of my cards needed for that month and sometimes stock up on packs of generic cards that can be used for any occasion, just in case you are unexpectedly invited to an event at the last minute.

Once I have all of my cards and presents, I get them organised straight away. The cards get written, put in envelopes and then those that need posting have addresses written on them and stamps added. I then organise all of the cards in order of the date they need to be posted or given to the recipient and I keep them all in a drawer in the hallway that regularly gets opened so that I'm always checking which card to get out next. 

As for the presents, I also get those wrapped and labelled straight away. I then have a shelf space that I have cleared in an upstairs wardrobe to keep them all in ready to be taken out on the day they are needed. Again, if you are more strapped for time and have ordered your gifts online, it's likely you will be offered the option of gift wrapping before delivery. 

If you do order presents and cards online and use next day services such as Amazon Prime, I would still recommend organising all of your cards and gifts at the start of the month or well ahead of the time you need them instead of leaving it until the last minute. Things can sometimes go wrong with these services and the stress of worrying if something will actually arrive on time, just adds to the stress you needn't have had. 

There are so many things to prepare for some months, including the never ending children's parties and other events they need to attend, (honestly their social lives are better than mine!) that preparing in advance and in bulk all in one go really does save you time and above all a lot of stress!