30 Days To Organise Your Life - Day 7 Are you a Tupperware lover or hater?

How do you organise yours? Do you organise it? Can it be organised??

Is there a cupboard in your kitchen that is like the lost world for Tupperware and other plastic containers with missing lids??

If you have managed to find a way to organise all of your plastic containers without either losing lids or getting them in one big mess at one time or another then hats off to you! I have to admit it isn't easy. Even my husband used to get annoyed when he unloaded the dishwasher and couldn't work out how to organise all of the containers so that they fitted into their allocated space in the cupboard! 

However, our system is now a lot better than it used to be. We used to keep it all in a cupboard on a shelf that was a little bit awkward to access and as a result, ended up with things not being put back in an orderly manner with no exact place to locate what we wanted and when we wanted it.

After learning more about de-cluttering in general along my organisation journey, one of the first places I started to organise was my kitchen cupboards. Emptying them one by one and using my brutal methods mentioned in yesterday's post about wardrobe organisation, to help me to quickly decide what to keep and what to ditch. 

When it came to the vast amounts of Tupperware though, I knew I had to create a really good system for it to work and be long-lasting! After emptying it all out I did a general de-clutter and got rid of anything that didn't have a lid, had a crack in or was just never used. I then organised the containers by shape and placed them one inside the other, sorting by size. I gathered all of their respective lids and organised those by shape too and placed each set of lids into their own container that fitted every one of them in. For this I used clear plastic cereal containers so that they were large enough for all of the lids and I could easily see what was in there.

I then had to decide whether the piles and containers that I ended up with would fit into the space I had previously allocated within the cupboard. They didn't and it was in an awkward location. So I had a bit of a swap round and cleared a deep drawer in a convenient place to house all of my newly organised containers. I actually use them a lot due to the large amount of batch cooking I do, so I need to have easy access at all times. 

Now that I have just the right amount of plastic containers that I actually need and have them in a much more suitable location, my relationship with the Tupperware drawer has improved dramatically and as long as everything goes back in its organised place then everyone's a winner - even my husband when he unloads the dishwasher!