30 Days To Organise Your Life! Day 8 - Don't be loyal to service providers, they won't reward you for it!

Are your service providers charging you more for your loyalty, not less?

That's exactly what they're doing and they're relying on your loyalty to make more money!

Whether it's mobile phone providers, broadband, TV packages, gas & electric and even car, home or life insurance, one thing is for sure  - there are not many companies that offer significant discounts for loyal customers anymore! Most companies rely on their loyal customers to earn better revenue than new customers. This happens because they know that once some people find a company they like or trust, they will stick with them no matter the cost. They also know that some people are just lazy and for the sake of a rise in their yearly premium of a few pounds, they won't bother looking for another provider. Over the years though, these small price hikes can amount to a lot more overall!

Often this can relate to the older generation who haven't grown up with the 'look for a new provider every year' mentality and like to stick with what they know. They might also not be confident with using technology to find all of the better deals that are out there! I know with my own grandparents that it is sometimes nigh on impossible to persuade them that we could quickly and easily change all of their utilities and service providers in the space of one evening without much hassle whatsoever.

However, it's not just the older generation that sometimes stick to what they know. Many of you who are probably time-poor due to busy jobs or just hectic lifestyles just can't bear the thought of spending hours on end sifting through other deals that might save you a few pounds each year. I'd like to point out though that it's not just a money-saving job, but can also bring better quality services to your attention that will be better suited to your needs.

At our house we are big fans of Martin Lewis and his Money Saving Expert website. Not only can you use it like a comparison website to find better deals, but you can also sign up to newsletters and alerts in the areas that might interest you or where you are looking to change provider and you will be emailed regular updates on the each things you are looking for. This saves you time searching on various price comparison websites and trying to work out the best deal.  

We've found it also gives us great ideas, tips and advice in other areas we can save or find better quality in the things we need. For example we were with our bank for over 15 years and never really considered the need to change. As a result of yearly updates and newsletters, we now change our bank every 1-2 years and make money in the process. We have changed banks twice in the last 3 years and made £1500 between us for practically doing nothing! To do this all we had to do was fill in an online form and the banks did the rest! They changed all of our direct debits, transferred all of our money from one account to another and made sure all future payments to our old accounts were redirected. £1500 for about 15 minutes each of form filling time isn't too shabby!

Of course, it helps knowing where to look and how to navigate the plethora of comparison sites and various deals to find what you're looking for. But once you've done it a couple of times then it becomes much easier and will save you £££ in the long run. Just think what you could spend all of that extra money on.....