30 Days To Organise Your Life - Day 9 Organising A Party?

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

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As you probably already know, the key to not only a good party, but a party where you can actually enjoy it yourself is preparation. Sounds easy right? We can all prepare for special occasions and parties, but it's HOW we prepare that is not only the key to success, but the key to less stress in the run up and on the day.

My top tips are as follows......

*Start writing lists well in advance - I mean well in advance! Food, invitations, colour schemes, themes, guest lists - just anything and everything you can think of!

*Visualise yourself as a guest at your own party - what would be your expectations? Try to surpass these expectations to create the 'wow' factor!

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* Book and buy everything that can be bought well in advance. 

*Keep a list of everything you have already and create a timescale of what else you need to do or buy, putting exact dates you need to get something done so that you can plan it into your future weekly 'to do' lists.

* Plan out the timescales for the day before and actual day of the party. Think about how you are going to fit in everything you need to do at the last minute. How long will it take to set out the food, put up the decorations, get yourself dressed and ready in time?

* Don't forget to delegate and ask for help. Don't try to do it all yourself! It's easy to do when you might be the only one to have made all of the plans, but sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day. So delegate the tasks you feel most comfortable giving to someone else and if you need to you can always write a quite 'how to' set of instructions for that person so you're not stressed about whether they're getting it right or not.

* Finally, think about how long things might take at the party, transition times when you've got various things happening like any entertainment, meal times, speeches, games etc.

The aim of being this organised is to be able to enjoy the party yourself. There's nothing worse than having all of the stress beforehand worrying that things won't go as you want them to because you haven't planned it very well and then being rushed off your feet for the whole event, missing all of the fun and not being a good host by not being able to enjoy it with your guests.

If one of the things you get stuck on when planning your event is ideas, then I recommend using Pinterest for all of your party needs! I have created lots of ideas on my Pinterest page for all sorts of events from weddings and dinner parties to birthday celebrations and children's party themes. Feel free to click the link underneath, have a look and pinch a few ideas!