30 Days To Organise Your Life! Day 11 - Bag It Up!

          Bags, Bags, Bags!

bags 2.jpg

Now I'm really not a bag person, yet I've managed to collect quite a few!

I tend to have certain bags that I use for specific times - weekend handbag (mainly filled with stuff for the children!), gym bag, evening handbag (on the rare nights that I manage to socialise!) and work handbag.

There are also a few other bags in the back of the wardrobe for specific occasions - backpacks, rucksacks and holdalls for holidays or weekends away, swimming bag, shopping bags, plastic bags, clutch bags. All this and I haven't even touched on suitcases, purses and vacuum packed bags!

Even though all of these bags are quite specific to what I use them for, I still find myself collecting many other bags that are almost duplicates of bags I already have. Different colours, styles, sizes etc, but essentially doing the same job.

Much of the time I end up just using the same bags like the ones mentioned earlier, which is a shame when the others are just sitting in the back of the wardrobe or hanging up with no where to go!



What is the solution for these poor, lonely bags?

My default answer to these things is normally to de-clutter and get rid of anything you're not using!

However, sometimes it's just a case of reminding yourself of what you've got and re-organising, so that they live somewhere very visible that you will see on a daily basis. Go on give it a try - give those poor old bags an exciting outing!

If after attempting to use bags that haven't seen the light of day for a while you find that it's not just for you anymore, don't forget to  give your bags a second chance in life and take them down to your charity shop or donate them to a friend with young children - I can't count how many times my unloved bags and purses have gone to a loving home with a child instead!!