My Lifestyle Assistant

My name is Hannah Heavens and I am a professional organiser.

I provide clients with the support they need to keep on top of their busy lifestyles. I tailor my support to your requirements and work both from my clients' homes as well as from my home office.

I get your 'to do' lists done to save you time, so that you can enjoy your evenings and weekends.



My Lifestyle Assistant is based in Chobham, Surrey.

Although I work predominantly in Surrey and surrounding areas, I can support families across the country with my virtual assistant services. Many of my services can be provided in this way, including booking services, research tasks and event planning to name a few.

With the use of video calls and the various messaging systems available, there are many ways that I can help clients nationwide.

Contacting Me

I provide support for clients Monday - Friday and occasionally at weekends if there is a special event or important appointment to attend.

You can contact My Lifestyle Assistant at any time of day or night via email, by leaving a voicemail or sending me a text/WhatsApp message. If it is something urgent that requires organising the next day then I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible the next morning.