Not enough hours in the day to run all of your errands?

Want to enjoy your weekends and free time instead of having to work your way through your ever increasing 'to do' list?

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Example Services

Regular errand running or one off tasks

Collecting prescriptions

Collecting and delivering dry cleaning

Returing items to shops

Taking items to the local dump or recycling centre

Posting parcels and letters

Car valeting, servicing and MOT drop off and pick up

Taking bags to the charity shop

Collecting parcels from postal depots

Meal preparation - have a freshly cooked meal when you get home

Airport/train station drop off and pick up

Household tasks such as washing, tidying, decluttering, basic garden maintenance, walking the dog etc

Errands whilst you are on holiday - watering the garden, taking pets to and from kennels, food shopping etc


The possibilities are endless when it comes to your 'to do' list.
Please get in touch to see how My Lifestyle Assistant can give you back your valuable time.